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Fresh Roasted Nuts & Delicious Treats Made By Yoopers


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Yooper Nuts & Treats

UP North Roast Coffee


We are Yoopers.

If you have never heard this word, it was only recently added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2014.

The definition is as follows:


“a native or resident of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

—used as a nickname”.

Yoopers are known to be friendly, having a strong work ethic, integrity, and perseverance.


And, yes, we LOVE our nuts!





Supporting the community is very important to us.  For groups interested in selling Yooper Nuts as a fundraising opportunity, please contact us to get started with our fundraiser program.

We are nuts about Yooper Nuts and you can be too! Send us a quick message with the contact form below to learn more about how you can sell Yooper Nuts in your retail store.  We can't wait to work with you!

There's nothing better than fresh roasted nuts.  With our mobile concession trailer, we are equipped to handle any fairs, festivals or events.  If you would like us to serve fresh roasted nuts at your event, contact us today!



I have ALWAYS had a love for good food, especially desserts! When my brother and dad started a coffee roasting company (UP North Roast), I began to experiment with coffee sweets. Soon, there was a market for coffee toffee and espresso fudge!


When I discovered I was pregnant, the idea of being able to stay home with my child came to mind. I hoped it could be something I loved doing….. and healthy snacks rose to the forefront.


For years, we would see people lined up at fairs and shows for freshly roasted nuts. They would literally follow their noses toward the tantalizing scent. But we noticed that people could only get these delicious confections a couple of times a year. Why couldn't we meet the demand all the time?


With the support of my husband Glenn, the assistance of my dad and stepmom Gary and Julie, and the watchful eye of our beautiful little girl Sweet Lillian, Yooper Nuts was born. We are excited to roast delicious candied nuts and offer many options of healthy snacks featuring nuts and coffee products.


Christy Hansen

Check out our other family business, crafting fresh roasted coffee!



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